Organisational and Human Resources Development

Organisational and Human Resources Development

Insight. Foresight. Strategy.

Sustainable success for a company or an organisation means acknowledging competences within the company, and their result-oriented concentration and development. You need to strengthen the competence base of the company or organisation beyond the employees' individual skills – market-appropriate and future-oriented.

The corporate strategy determines the organisational development. Our tasks range from team development to reorganisation, change management and development of the desired corporate culture.

We also concern ourselves with the deliberate creation of a corporate culture with the fundamental ways of thinking, acting, and perceiving that are inherent and distinguishing characteristics of the company as a crucial part of everyday management.

Typical projects:
  • Reforming structures and processes to support a growth strategy, or within the scope of restructurations
  • Reorientation of human resources development
  • Developing corporate and management concepts, including a joint orientation and consolidation of its culture
  • Developing a common idea of management that exists not only on paper
  • Optimisation of inter-department collaboration and communication
With professional organisational development, we establish structures and processes. Moreover, we understand organisational development as a very purposeful common development of both the culture and the people of an organisation. We understand that culture work requires close interaction with strategic corporate and human resources development.

In larger organisations, we counsel the management and the employees or departments who are responsible for organisational development. For small and medium-sized enterprises that don't have their own organisational development, we assume this role, often for a fixed period of time.