Management Consulting

Management Consulting

Goal-oriented. Comprehensive. Transparent.

Our goal is to counsel people and organisations, national and international, who are facing changes. Developing future-oriented visions, we lay the foundations for ways and measures that help you to successfully achieve your objectives. As consultants, we mediate, challenge and scrutinise – thinking laterally, and ahead. As experts, we provide impulses and structures, and help you to implement them.

The effective interaction of mission-critical management segments – strategy, leadership, and employees - must be guaranteed at any time.

We take into account the essential influencing factors for a certain topic, and include stakeholders and involved employees. Together we develop concerted measures and solutions to be backed and lived by everyone involved.

The focus of our attention is on the people of the organisations - only they can make change processes work. Since understanding and acceptance are based on dialogue, our approach is to enable the managers to uphold an open dialogue. Thus we create the involvement, commitment, and determination required for corporate success.

Our consulting approach is integrative and systemic: All facets of a topic are considered, their interactions and causal chains examined, and their effect on the people and the company determined.

Our range of solutions is highly individual and customised, and includes:

  • Strategy
  • Process
  • Structure and organisation
  • Individual
  • Communication
  • Culture
  • Realisation

We work with concepts and methods from consulting, coaching, advanced training and education, and mediation. Individually, or in any combination best fitting your case.

Consilianova works with a network of experts. Thus we can ensure, depending on the requirements and scope of the consulting project, that competences, resources and the necessary know-how are made available.